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Hello World!

July 7, 2011

This is my very first blog! I can’t believe I am really doing this! Years ago I had no idea what a “blog” was. My biggest fear about blogging is that I don’t want this to be boring for you.

Where do I start?

Beautiful and fun weddings take lots of planning. There is no other way. I just had lunch with a friend who was upset about going to a wedding ceremony which was held on the grass with no shade. My friend  was showing me photos of the beautiful shoes she wore to the outdoor ceremony. (My friend likes to dress well. She was not informed of where exactly at the resort the ceremony was taking place.) Her heels sunk into the grass. She almost fell over. Other female guests wearing heels were getting stuck besides ruining the heels of their shoes. The father of the bride was in a wheelchair and was being wheeled in over the grass. It was a tough ride! The chair got stuck and the father pitched forward and landed on the ground!! Those are the things that make for great stories but not the best experience for your guests. My friend asked me, “Why did the bride do that? Why didn’t she think of her guests?”  I did not have a good answer. It was not one of my ceremonies and all I could tell my friend was that the bride probably thought only about  the location and the bride’s experience and not about her guests.  My friend spent a lot of money to travel to this out-of -state wedding and was not happy at all about her experience. She could hardly wait to get back to her hotel room.

When deciding on a location, please consider the experience of your guests. Will a loved one be in a wheelchair? Is there enough shade or too much shade for the time of year? Do you want to tell your guests to wear flip-flops or provide them with flip-flops? What if it is a really hot day? What if it is raining? What is the parking situation? Yes, there are these and many other details to consider. I know you can’t please everyone. Just think about how your guests might feel in certain situations.

Most wedding celebrations start with the wedding ceremony. Choosing a venue which will be comfortable for your guests puts the guests all in a party mood. They choose to go to your ceremony because they want to celebrate with you. Is there water easily available for them to drink? Are restrooms nearby? I know you have lots of details to look into already, and I don’t want to make this process more stressful for you, but, please think about the comfort of your guests especially if it is an outdoor wedding and especially if you have guests in wheelchairs!


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