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Spring is coming

March 7, 2012

I saw my first robins today! Winter will not last forever! I love to walk, and since the temperature was a little warmer today, I started my day with a walk. I was excited to see there was no more ice on the pond (late yesterday afternoon there was still some ice). It has been months since I have seen the ripples on the water of the small pond near my condo! The birds were all singing this morning at 7 a.m.  I love to start my day listening to all the birds singing. When I can, I  keep my bedroom windows open so I can enjoy hearing all the birds chirping in the morning. By August the early morning hours are a lot quieter than in spring.  Most of the birds are done with their mating and nesting and some are already getting ready to make their way back south to wherever they go.

It makes me feel so good to see all the new life after the melt of the snow and ice. I feel like MY hibernation is over too! I enjoy the days of longer daylight.

In the middle of winter it seems like forever until the summer weddings. Every year in January and February when planning for weddings in the summer, it seems like the nice weather will never come again. I wonder if for some of you the warmer weather makes you feel like your wedding day is closer than it ever felt. To me warmer weather makes it feel like there is a party in the air. Last year at this time I was having fun planning my daughter and son-in-law’s couples bridal shower on April 2nd. It was exciting being part of the planning process for their ceremony which was on May 14th. Although the winter still felt like it would last forever, there was lots of excitement in the air which helped us all get through the dark winter days.

There are so many different colors and themes and styles of weddings! Each of them is fun and special in its own way. There are so many beautiful things in the stores. I never get tired of party stuff! Dresses, decorations, cakes, music, entertainment! My daughter and I were talking about how fun it would be if we had the money to do a vow renewal every year and each year be able to wear a different style wedding dress and have a different theme with different colors! So many women have said they wanted to have a wedding again just because weddings are so much fun. NO, they do NOT want to get divorced!! They just want to wear another fancy dress and do the party! I think that’s why I still see people getting dressed up for weddings. There are so few occasions to really get dressed up for any more. Everything has become so casual. (Yes, it does cost more money to dress up! And sometimes the money just isn’t there…I do understand)

All through the years people would ask me what my favorite color is. I never know what to say because I love all the colors! Some colors of clothing look better on me than others but I like to LOOK at all the colors! And, oh…there are so many vibrant colors out this spring. The colors are so fun!

Now I am looking forward to seeing the yellow of my first daffodils and the pinks and reds of the tulips! Maybe I will see a purple crocus first…Ohwell, there’s always the silk “blooms” at Stein Garden Center or Michael’s or Joann Fabrics…that works for me too! Or…maybe someone could bring me a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers…


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