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Age is just a number

April 1, 2012

I recently had a conversation with a man who looked to be in his 60’s or 70’s. (I didn’t ask how old he was!) When the man found out I was a wedding minister, he asked me if I thought the young people getting married today were taking their commitment to marriage seriously. He said he sees things on these tv wedding shows where the bride and groom don’t seem to take their marriage vows seriously.  He was saying to me  that this younger generation doesn’t seem to be as committed to marriage and as serious about their vows. I told him what he was watching was made for entertainment. They may call it “reality tv” but those shows are still meant to be outrageous so people will watch the show and companies will pay lots of money to advertise on that show.

I told him the couples who come to me view their marriage as a deep commitment. They think about the vows they choose. They want their marriage to be a lasting and satisfying union. Just because a wedding doesn’t take place in a church doesn’t mean the commitment is less sacred or serious. I meet couples in their 20’s and 30’s who are responsible, hard-working and creative people. Family is important to them.  Commitment is important. I have no doubt that our future is in good hands.

Age is just a number – it is not an indicator of intelligence or values. There will always be different personality types at any age. Good leaders in all fields will emerge from our younger generation.

Oh…and while I am talking about this “younger generation”…I love some of the music the young artists are creating. I love dancing to it all. I don’t want to dance and listen to the oldies just because it is music I listened to in high school! There is a lot of good music coming out all the time. Don’t expect me to only listen and dance to that oldie-moldie music just because I color my hair to cover up the gray!


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