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I love the holidays!

October 11, 2012

What a busy summer it has been! I am truly grateful for the opportunity to perform so many wedding ceremonies and baptisms. There were some incredibly hot days for wedding ceremonies this year! However, some of the brides and grooms  got really lucky with their picture perfect Wisconsin weather. And then this last Friday, October 5th, it was so cold outside I performed a wedding rehearsal at the Milford Hills Hunt Club in Johnson Creek wearing my winter jacket and gloves! That was a first for me! Guests brought blankets and wore winter coats to the 2 outdoor ceremonies I performed Oct. 5 and Oct 6.

It is not as cold today, but I still have the feeling that the holidays are coming! And guess what? I am playing my first Christmas cd of the season!! I love the uplifting mood I get from listening to the Christmas carols and all the fun songs about Santa Claus! I know some of you might cringe because the leaves aren’t even off the trees, but I am tremendously enjoying listening to the songs I have not heard for many months as I sip on my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks (another favorite of mine!) I have just put out a few fall decorations around the house, but I want to skip right to putting out my Christmas decorations. They are so colorful! Yes, I do love color. I have a white Christmas tree that I decorate with purple, turquoise, hot pink, emerald-green, royal blue and gold ornaments and birds and bows and beads.

I totally understand all the excitement about decorating for a wedding because I love all of my holiday decorations. It is so fun to be all color coordinated. I know how much work goes into planning a wedding. But it can also be a lot of fun to plan for that party, more for the brides than the grooms, I think. There are some of us girls who love to pick out just that right shade of purple, green, pink or whatever and coordinate all the details. You don’t get to experience that everyday unless you are a party/event planner!

Winter/holiday weddings are so pretty with their jewel tone colors and all the candles and the heavier satins and velvets. I still remember the weddings when the bride and bridesmaids wore long winter capes and long satin gloves. One of my brides, Kelly, also had her bridal bouquet attached to a hand  muff she wore for her December wedding. It was so beautiful!

Sleigh rides and gently falling snow…how romantic…and then the honeymoon to the tropical beach with all the sunshine!


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